Mykonos pt. 2 – beach-front life, screw the budget

Mykonos is what all your hedonistic Greek dreams are made of. First there are the beaches. Then the food. Then the abundance of white and blue houses peppered over the hillsides. And for some reason, the people are just way more beautiful here.

Reflecting on my time in the Cyclades island, I absolutely do not regret choosing to stay there for my first foray into Greece – it was everything I could have dreamed of and more. But I would say the following:

  • It’s probably not the best place for a solo traveller, especially if you don’t stay at a hostel. I deliberately chose private accommodation as I wanted to treat myself for my last three days. I love myself for that. But unlike a hostel, it doesn’t leave much room for meeting people in your immediate surroundings.
    In saying that, I chose to hang out at a hostel pool one of my days, and with a mean age of 21, I was glad I chose my bougie, beach-front location.
    Meeting people here is kind of tricky altogether – much of the people who visit Mykonos are there on group holidays or romantic couple vacays, and aren’t really keen on a third wheel.
    Heading to bars or even using dating apps to meet people can overcome this.
  • It’s expensive. Like 19euro for a cocktail (which is about $98134798374 in Australian dollars) and 25euro for a sun bed. Prepare to spend if you want to really enjoy yourself.
  • It’s spread out – the main, popular beaches with the expensive beach clubs are in the south, the main town in up and to the west, and the rest of the island…I have no idea cause I didn’t make it that far. The bus system is actually pretty good (and this is coming from me!), especially if you have an idea of the timetable and can plan your day accordingly. If you felt comfortable, hire a motorbike or quad bike to see more of the island, but stay safe on the roads kids!

Anyway, back to the fun stuff…


For my second attempt at Mykonos accommodation, I stayed at a little boutique hotel tucked in between Platis Gialos and Paraga, called Agia Anna. I suspect I was maybe the youngest person staying there by about 10 years but the hospitality was second to none and they had their own set of banana lounges right on the beach front. It was all I could have asked for.


This was my first meal, had at Nikolas Taverna, right next to my accommodation. It caused me a lot of stress. Primarily because I wanted to order about 3/4 of the menu, and that’s just not a smart idea for one small little lady. So after much deliberation and some coaxing from the wait staff, I ordered the taramasalata, braised greens (not sure why I chose this with all the other options), and baked feta, wrapped in pastry with honey. Yep. That.



Other thing I must advise, it’s pretty bloody windy on this island, so if you can afford a sun lounge, get one. Cause it’s hell lying on the sand.

Most places will offer you some sort of deal which includes food or alcohol, but you’ll be looking around 15-20euros for a non-popular spot, to up to 50euros at the fancier places.



Being the little electronic music fiend that I am, I had done my research and found the best venue for a boogie or three. And while I was going for the music, most head to Scorpios to be seen and to also enjoy one of the best views on the island. As previously mentioned, drinks are expensive and you can eat there also, but will need to book way in advance. Luckily the price is softened by the incredibly aesthetically pleasing staff who work there. My application must have gotten lost in the mail…



There just so happens to be an interactive sculpture there by one of my favourite artists, Daniel Popper, which doubles as a semi-private sanctuary overlooking the ocean.


The first night I visited featured German trio Shkoon, and with my $40 cocktail in hand, I managed to dance off any pent up energy from the stress of having to be on an idyllic Greek island, and made a couple of new friends in the process.



IMG_0712 (1)



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