Porto – pretty little sister

Oh Porto, how did I not know thee would be so fair and lovely? Streets almost at 90 degree angles, flush with brilliant mosaics. A lively and delicious food scene, cute shops and cafes galore. Lisbon, in miniature.


Freshly changed and showered after my 9 hour car ride, I headed down to the banks of the Duoro river to meet Chloe and her friends Ella and James, for some much needed Sangria.

Normally I would steer well clear of a water-side venue like this, primarily for the sheer amount of tourists (just like me) who flood it. But the vibe by the river, with a vista of the Luís I Bridge, a double-deck metal arch bridge which doubles as a replica miniature train line, is just ace.



After what became an early night, we made plans to meet at brunch hub Zenith. I spent the next morning ducking, weaving and working them calves up and down the beautiful cobblestone streets. Just look at them!


Zenith is one of a number of super popular and trendy brunch places in Porto, with a suitable line that wove a good 50m along the adjoining buildings. You can see just by looking at my photos that it was delicious. Go on, just look at them!


And just like that, my time in Porto was over, having pinpointed my next destination along the coast that would draw me closer to the airport and my impending Greek adventures.

I loved Lisbon, but should I go back to Porto (hint, next year) I will be spending a week or five strolling, ne hiking the streets, eating eleventy five Portuguese tarts and maybe one day marrying a ridiculously tanned fisherman.



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