Mirissa – Day trippin’

Now I wouldn’t be the truest and most honest version of myself if I didn’t say I was looking for other places to explore while I was meant to be taking a time out at Talalla Retreat; I am a fidget and restless human being on my best days.

And it honestly seemed like a waste to go ALL the way to Sri Lanka and not explore some of the other beach towns on the stunning south coast. So after a little bit of research, Marge and I decided a trip to the nearby towns of Mirissa and Madiha would be a splendid way to spend our Thursday afternoon.


Tuk tuk sourced, we sped nifty 30 minutes west along the coast line to resort town of Mirissa. I use the word ‘resort’ very loosely, as while it’s probably the most resort-like town on the coast, it’s certainly no Seminyak or Phuket, with their mega-towns spread over acres of the local lands. Mirissa is still quite ramshackle at heart, peppered with some fun little beach bars and the fancy restaurant or two to attract those foreign tourists (ie. us).

Stepping out of the tuk tuk and onto the white sandy beach, we headed straight for Parrot Rock, which sits just into the ocean and requires a touch of wading through the sea – Marge’s number 1 tip, take off your shorts BEFORE you get smacked around and soaked crossing the channel.



The view from up here is pretty delightful.





We had also planned to walk to the Coconut tree spot for a spot of photo taking but decided an 11am cocktail was much more important, quickly settling into a lounge at Salt bar (while I also frothed over their soundtrack). Don’t cocktails just taste so much better on holidays!


Bloody fro
What a peach

When our tummies rumbled, we answered the call with a trip to Little Tuna, a Japanese place nestled back from the main hub.


Which way to every guesthouse in Mirissa?

I’d been loving the food in Sri Lanka, but it was time to change it up a bit – variety is the spice of life you know. Fresh sashimi vs creamy curry, told the former won.

Dreaming of tuna

Plus, Little Tuna is located right next to the river, which makes for some delightful photographs.

(Also, I can’t say the name of this restaurant without thinking of The Office…just me yeah?)





Nicely satiated, we decided a pit stop in Madiha on the way back to the retreat was needed to visited a highly renowned medical professional.



The Doctor’s House is a hostel/restaurant/bar/all-in-all rad hangout spot (did I just write rad?), which our new friends at Talatta had enjoyed a rager at nights earlier.

And in completely my fashion, we happened to visit on the day of the full moon, on which no alcohol is served. I love when sobriety is forcibly shoved down my throat.

We also totally planned on coming back here so my photo count was lacklustre, my apologies.



But my whinging aside, I could imagine this place would be well worth a visit should you happen to find yourself on the south coast of Sri Lanka.

I somehow suspect that Aussies run this joint…

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