Udawalawe National Park – Sweet sweet safari

A safari is something that I didn’t really have on my radar for the near-distant future. I always assumed I would have to make the grand journey to Africa to be able to see such majestic, elusive and rare animals in their natural habitat.

But no, apparently safaris are a big thing in Sri Lanka too!

Through my job, I work with animals on a daily basis. But witnessing them in the (semi-protected) wild was going to be a whole other level of mind-blown.


There are two main national parks in Sri Lanka where you can go on safari – Yala and Udawalawe. There are other smaller ones but please do your research as some do not practice good animal welfare.

Yala is the larger of the two and you may spot such wonders as a leopard roaming the park grounds. And while we weren’t likely to see the illustrious big cat, Udawalawe promised Asian Elephants, crocodiles, monkeys and an array of birds and reptiles to feast your David Attenborough-hungry eyes on.


We were collected from the retreat at an eye-watering 5am to ensure optimum viewing pleasure before the sun got too hot, and fed a delicious traditional breakfast upon our arrival.

What followed was 3 hours of animal-loving bliss. I was in heaven. Blown away. Dead. 11/10. Would recommend.

Please enjoy the photos reel from the morning (I had a casual 200 from this alone…)






Happy little vegemite!




To the left, elephant, to the right, big fat croc





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