Mexico City – Who ordered the Lion Burger?

Food, food, food. Let’s be honest, a disproportionate of my time and thoughts go to what, where and when I’m going to eat. I can’t help it, I love eating. So lucky for me, my second day in Mexico City was all about the local cuisine.

Armed with the expertise of a local, in the form of Joanna’s boyfriend and Mexico City local Franscico, we set out to experience what dishes and venues made Mexico City tick.

First stop: Mercado de San Juan


THE place to shop for MC’s best chefs and food junkies, Mercado de San Juan (7am-5pm daily; Metro Salto de Agua) is a gourmet paradise, and home to some of the most high quality and diverse produce in the city. Expect to find everything from local veggies, imported cheeses, and a whole range of meats – from duck to donkey.
If all the strange smells have got you peckish, there’s a number of small restaurants inside, including one that sells a LION BURGER for those (messed up) amateur game hunters out there.



Not wholly convinced of the selection on offer we headed back to downtown for some chilaquiles – a kind of soggy, cheesy nachos that are popular at breakfast – and a morning tipple, cause I’m on holiday alright.

After a failed attempt to drink at Bellas Artes Music Hall (though head here for a delicious brunch), we made our way to La Opera bar, known for its opulent fit-out and famous for the bullet hole punctuating the roof, rumoured to have been put there by revolutionary Pancho Villa .


La Opera Bar

Feeling nicely buzzed, we drove down to the neighbourhood of Coyoacan to visit the birthplace, and now museum housing the works of famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Casa Azul, or the Blue House, houses Kahlo’s most extensive and flamboyant works…or so I hear as we never actually made it. Tip people: get there in the morning! Afternoon lines are long and sweaty



Joanna and Franscico outside Casa Azul 

Slightly defeated but not totally down and out, we found solace in tequila ice cream as the sun went down.


Do/See: Mercado de San Juan

Frida Kahlo Museum (Pre-purchase tickets from here)

Eat & Drink: Brunch at Belle Artes (downtown)

Drink at La Opera (downtown)

Tequila ice cream from any half decent looking Heladeria

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